Reliable Commercial Roof Restoration

Is your commercial roof getting older or displaying symptoms of wear and tear? Commercial roof restoration is a smart and cost-effective alternative to roofing replacement. A roof restoration can repair areas where the roof is springing leaks or even ponding water. Instead of spending more for an improved roof, you can decide to pay less by choosing restoration. It is smartest to restore your roofing early, or else it might no longer have the option for restoration. To learn more about commercial roof restoration in Wichita, KS, contact the Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC crew at 316-779-2574!

Why Restore Instead Of Replace?

Commercial Roof Restoration

Get Your Commercial Roof Back to Its Best with Roof Restoration Services.

Nobody expects a costly commercial roof system to fail prematurely, and the smartest method to prevent roof damages is to include consistent maintenance. However, even the most consistent maintenance adherence won’t prevent the effects of aging forever. Commercial roof restoration or commercial roof replacement will be an eventual decision you will have to make.

Our commercial roof restoration methods are not only cost-effective but will also protect the surface of your roofing with a resilient roof coating that can last for up to a decade. Our team will work with you to identify the best coating for your concerns, ensuring your roof gets the protection it needs. Once the 10 years are over, you can simply add a new coating over the existing one for an additional 10 years of roofing protection. Call our crew to figure out which roof coating option will work best for your current needs!

Affordable Commercial Roof Restoration Services

While roof coatings offer many benefits, the advantage that clients love most is the much lower cost. If you go with a commercial roof restoration, you don’t have to worry about expensive removal fees or disposal fees for the ultimate roof waste. A roof restoration saves your money and saves the landfill from additional waste because roof coatings are installed on top of your existing roof system. Our roofers are always available to assist you. We provide the best service and quality roofing materials to give your commercial property the roof it deserves. To learn more, contact our roofer at 316-779-2574 and ask about your options and prices for commercial roof restoration in Wichita, KS!