Synthetic Tile Installation in Wichita, KS

Roofing tiles can be an exceptional way to add depth, strength, and protection to your home. However, it can also contribute weight and maintenance cost along with it. Synthetic tile roofing provides the same unbeatable elegance and durability of traditional tile, minus the high cost and weight that leads to bracing and reinforcement requirements. Call 316-779-2574 to learn more about the advantages of a synthetic tile roof in Wichita, KS, or to schedule your consultation.

The Advantages of Synthetic Tile

There are many material choices for your synthetic roof tile, and all offer their own benefits. They are usually constructed from acrylic, PVC, fiberglass, or rubber, and can outlast many other types of roofing systems. These tiles are very durable and can resist the dangers of rain, snow, wind, UV rays, and even debris. This means that while you get the beautiful look of a tile roof, your home gets added protection from the resilient materials the synthetic tiles are made from. For homeowners seeking a green roof, you will be pleased to know these roofing materials can also be completely recycled at the end of their life, making them an eco-friendly option. These tiles can last more than 50 years and are lightweight so they don’t need bracing or reinforcement prior to installation.

Synthetic Tile Installation by Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC

Synthetic Tile Roofing System

We Install Durable Synthetic Roofing Systems for Your Roofing Needs.

At Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC, we strive for excellence with every installation we complete. We inspect your current roof and offer realistic solutions for your roof. Our team will help you decide whether you should tear off and start again, and we can deliver advice on the product and labor choices and times. All of our roofing projects are completed with premium roofing materials and the best roofing practices. With over four generations backing the Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC name, you are guaranteed to get the best roof for your home.

For your new roof system, synthetic tile is a durable, long-lasting choice with immeasurable advantages. These roofs can deliver unrivaled beauty and style without sacrificing superior protection and resistance. Call 316-779-2574 to find out more about the benefits of synthetic tile in Wichita, KS, or to schedule your consultation.