Vulcanized Rubber Roofing

Are you searching for an especially strong single-ply roofing option? You might have heard of vulcanized roofing membranes, more commonly referred to as thermoset membranes. In order to prevent leaks, thermoplastic membranes such as PVC and TPO have heat-welded seams. Thermoset membranes on the other hand offer premium leak protection that starts long before it’s applied, because these membranes are sealed and bonded ahead of time. Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC uses the best techniques and high-quality roofing materials to ensure your commercial building gets a premium roof. We are a community focused company, aiming to provide you with the best roofing and customer services in town. Contact the roofing experts from Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC now at 316-779-2574 to ask for a quote for vulcanized rubber roofing in Wichita, KS.

What Makes Vulcanized Rubber Roofing Special?

Vulcanized Rubber Roofing Installation

We Offer a Range of Thermoset Roofing Solutions for Your Business, Including Vulcanized Rubber Roofing.

Between thermoset and thermoplastic single ply membranes, thermoset is the correct classification for vulcanized rubber roofing. These kinds of membranes formulate an incredibly resilient, chemical resistant coating by chemically cross-linking polymers across the material. What this means, is that only specific chemicals will be able to bond to the surface. That is why any restorations of EPDM vulcanized rubber roofing call for a specific kind of rubber roof coating for best results. At Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC we provide a selection of thermoset roofing membranes for you to pick from, and we can even provide you with a cost-effective vulcanized rubber roof installation if that’s what you need. ECH, CSPE, PIB, and CR are all additional kinds of thermoset membranes available in the industry.

Why Choose Vulcanized Rubber Roofing?

Vulcanized rubber roofing can withstand varying weather conditions easily, and will continue to endure for decades. If you are concerned about UV damages, leaking, pooling or punctures, these vulcanized roofing options can provide the protection you need. Due to these benefits, EPDM continues to be chosen by commercial structure owners as a very common roofing solution. Want to get started on your new roofing installation? Our team is always available to assist you. Contact the team at 316-779-2574 for speedy and affordable vulcanized rubber roofing in Wichita, KS for your commercial structure. Regardless of what your single ply membrane needs may be, our team can help!