Reliable Industrial Roofing Services

Do you operate an industrial plant that works at steady and consistent volumes? If so, the traditional commercial roof system may not work for your needs! At Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC, we know that your company needs the ideal roof for the project, which is why we provide cost-effective and reliable industrial roofing services in Wichita, KS and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 316-779-2574 to speak with your roofers about your industrial roofing needs.

Industrial Roofing Benefits

industrial roofing services

Our Roofers Know That Industrial Buildings Have Specific Roofing Needs And Install Quality Systems.

Industrial roofs are exposed to heavy chemicals, varying temperatures, and top levels of moisture when compared to standard commercial roofing materials. Consistent updrafts in combination with greasy smoke can even attract additional contaminants to the roof, which causes even more rapid wear and tear. Another feature you will see on industrial roofs are plenty of vents and exhausts that can create points of entry for water leaks if they’re not correctly fitted. Additionally, continuous temperature changes are also to be predicted from those vents and pipes, so a reliable industrial roofing solution must easily expand and contract as needed, without leaving the system vulnerable to leaking. Avoiding issues like these require a trained professional, and our roof experts are glad to evaluate your current roof, and then go over with you the variety of methods we can utilize to improve it!

How To Begin

With such a wide selection of roofers to choose from, it’s no surprise that most consumers have trouble knowing what to search for. Any contractor can provide industrial roof materials, but we take steps to provide industrial roofing that fits around your schedule in a streamlined process. As company owners ourselves, we understand how valuable your time is, and our crew knows how to work around your company schedule without interfering with your daily workflow. We handle roofing services promptly and correctly every time to make sure our clients are fully satisfied with our roofing services.

If you’re interested in discovering more about these industrial roofing services in Wichita, KS, give us a ring today at 316-779-2574 to speak to one of our professional contractors. After plenty of experience in the roofing industry, we can assist you with any roofing service from roof replacements to roofing restorations. Upgrade your building with a high-quality industrial roofing solution now!