Green Roof Installation Service

Have you been experiencing increasingly high energy bills for your commercial building, potentially caused by your old roof? In that case, you may stand to gain from an affordable green roof installation in Wichita, KS. With years of expertise, our roofers can help you with a wide selection of roofing services, including green roofing and cool roofing. Call 316-779-2574 now to talk with one of our professionals about the variety of roof services we offer.

Benefits of a Green Roof

Green Roof Installation

Green Roofing Can Provide Your Building with Added Energy Efficiency.

Green roofing is a term that is utilized fairly frequently and often, it can often refer to different things. In some scenarios, green roofing can refer to a roof that reduces your building’s carbon footprint, like a roof coating. Roof coatings are known to be very simple to apply over existing roof systems, which means that the application process also doesn’t require adding large amounts of waste to dumps. Additionally, roof coatings can improve a building’s UV resistance, which later leads to less energy waste. Thanks to those benefits, roof coatings are often recognized as a green roof solution.

In other cases, the term green roofing references roof systems that are coated with plant life. It isn’t particularly common to see this type of roof system in North America, though more contractors are researching the effects of green roofs when it comes to cooling structures as well as the air that surrounds those buildings. Roofs with organic vegetation have been shown to reduce temperatures within densely populated areas very effectively. Also, these roofing systems provide a habitat for local plant life to grow which benefits the local environment. In this scenario, a green roof installation cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiency, along with a reduction of the urban heat effect found in urban cities. Some buildings even utilize their green roofs to cultivate vegetable gardens or create habitats for local bird species.

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