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If You Need a Commercial Green Roof Option, Look No Further than Foam Roofing.

Are you hoping to improve your commercial roofing with a more effective roofing solution? Many customers have been turning to seamless polyurethane foam roof solutions that offer simple installation. Made by combining polyol and isocyanate, this roofing style is sprayed as a liquid across your roofing and later sealed by an elastomeric topcoat for increased resiliency. Since this roofing solution is seamless, it offers superior leak protection, and increased UV protection, making it great for almost any commercial roof. Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC is your source for skilled application and installation of foam roofing for your commercial property. We use premium materials to give you a waterproof system that will last and provide maintenance for your needs. Call the pros at 316-779-2574 and inquire about Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC‘s foam roofing installation in Wichita, KS now!

Why Choose A Foam Roof?

While it is out of the ordinary to find heat-welded seams in modern roofing, it is still normal practice for commercial roof systems to have layers of material connected by well-bonded seams. Though these methods are vulnerable to weaker seams with age, the spray application of foam roofing removes seams completely, which offers superior leak protection. This system acts as a barrier against water and other damaging environmental factors, giving you quality defense. It adds to the energy efficiency of the property, allowing your heating and cooling systems to work easier during the extreme seasons. The flexible composition of foam roofing also improves the roofing process, as it sticks to almost any surface, and is easy to install around rooftop protrusions including vents and A/C units. Requiring almost no maintenance and recognized for being incredibly lightweight, a foam roofing installation can last you over two decades when installed by a professional contractor. We offer foam roofing services, including:

  • SPF Spray Foam Roofing We provide SPF spray foam roofing to give your building a truly seamless, waterproof roof and expert defense against damage.

Professional Foam Roofing Installation

Foam Roofing Installation

We Install Energy Efficient Foam Roofing Systems for Commercial Building.

Foam roofing provides an affordable and easy-to-install roofing solution for many commercial buildings, which is why we offer them here at Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC. As a green roof option, you will also notice increased energy efficiency with this roof solution, along with the other benefits. This roof system efficiently lowers your energy bills by reflecting the sunlight off of your roofing and keeping the rest of the building cooler at the same time. Saving money is important, and with foam roofing, saving up to 30% on energy costs has never been easier. When you would like to learn more about efficient commercial roof solutions, contact us at 316-779-2574 and inquire about our foam roofing installation in Wichita, KS!