Installation for Reflective Cool Roofing

You can save money on your energy costs by installing a cool roof in Wichita, KS. Other roof materials soak up a great deal of the ultraviolet rays from the sun. The heat goes through the roof into the building beneath it, increasing the workload on the AC systems. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are reflected away from the structure by a cool roofing system. This can significantly lower the inside temperature of the structure and save you lots of money on energy bills. When you are interested in hearing more regarding the benefits of cool roofs contact the staff of Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC at 316-779-2574. Let us help you choose the best cool roofing material for your building.

Reasons to Select a Cool Roof

Aside from saving money on your energy bill, there are many benefits to getting a cool roof on your commercial building. First, it can save you money on roofing replacements and repairs. When a roof absorbs the UV rays from the sun, it damages the material. This breaks down the materials and can cause roof damage that needs restoration. Cool roofs need to be replaced less frequently because they aren’t damaged by the heat from the sun. Getting a cool roof on your building can also increase the life of your air conditioning equipment. Because these roofs decrease the climate inside your building, your air conditioning units won’t have to work as hard. This cuts down on the chances of your air conditioning units requiring significant maintenance or replacement. Cool roof systems are also eco-friendly since they decrease the emissions produced by commercial cooling units.

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Cool Roof Installation

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Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC is always happy to answer any inquiries you might have regarding the advantages of getting a cool roof in Wichita, KS. In order to give our clients dependable cool roof materials, we only partner with the best roofing manufacturers in the business. Our staff stands behind our craftsmanship and we guarantee that after we complete your installation on your building, you will not have to worry about your roof anymore. Contact our office at 316-779-2574 to schedule your installation today.