Add an Annual Roof Inspection to Your Calendar

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An Annual Roof Inspection Helps Keep Your Shingles in Good Condition.

Your roof protects the rest of your home from water damage, pest invasion, ultraviolet light, and so much more. Many homeowners forget that their roof requires consistent care and maintenance, until they’re suddenly reminded after a disastrous water leak. No one likes surprise emergency repairs, so you should protect your rooftop investment with an annual roof inspection. Here are three reasons to schedule an appointment with your inspector each year.

Planning Your Next Replacement

Okay. Maybe you’re not quite ready to install a brand new premium rooftop, but an annual inspection is the perfect way to start planning your next home improvement project. Your inspector is familiar with the latest roofing trends, such as energy-saving technology. Ask them about impact resistant shingles, or whatever new roofing materials you’re interested in. Your inspector will be excited to answer your questions, and you can start creating a budget years before you need a replacement roof.

Spotting Repairs Before They Escalate

Unless you have eagle eyes (and maybe x-ray vision), you won’t be able to spot all the damage that accumulates in your rooftop over time. Little things like cracked shingles and worn sealant can expose your home to expensive water damages and nasty pests if they aren’t spotted in time. Your inspector however, is trained to check for the minuscule signs of damage, so you can schedule repairs before things get out of hand.

Following Your Warranty

Sometimes the warranty on your rooftop requires an annual inspection. Take another look at your warranty and see if you’ve been following the fine print. Better to learn about these requirements now than after a traumatic thunderstorm.

Annual roof inspections aren’t a ploy to grab extra business. They’re a tool to help you avoid unexpected and expensive repairs down the line. You can talk to one of our roofing experts about the inspection process at 316-779-2574.