Do You Need a Roof Replacement?

A Roof That Could Benefit from Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Is Eventually Necessary for Any Type of Roofing.

Every roof, regardless of its durability or the owner’s diligence with repairs, will eventually need replacement. If you wonder what prompts the need for a roof change, consider the fact that every roofing material has a defined lifespan. The most common roofing material in the United States, asphalt shingles, has a typical span of service of 15 to 20 years. Other, more durable materials, such as metal roofing or clay tiles, can last for 40 years or longer. Of course, this extended life comes with a higher price, and a homeowner must choose wisely the best roof replacement for his or her budget and needs. If you think that the day may have arrived for roof replacement in Wichita, KS, you can always call Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC for help. We strive to keep our customers informed about the requirements and characteristics of their roofing, and encourage anyone to schedule an inspection if they begin to notice certain signs for replacement.

Signs You Need Home Roof Replacement

There exist many indicators of the need for a new roof. As a major structural element of your home, the roof defends the rest of your structure from the hazards of rainfall, hail, and high winds. A well-constructed roof can also help create a thermal envelope for your home, and increase your structure’s overall energy efficiency. Once a roof passes a certain age, however, the threat of failure becomes imminent. Pay attention for these signs, and schedule a consultation for a new roof should they appear.

Damaged Roofing Materials: The most obvious sign for a new roof appears as comprehensive damage to your roofing material. The damage can occur all at once, as through a heavy hailstorm, or accumulate over time. If your roof consists of asphalt shingles, you can look for signs of damage that include curling, cracks, displacement, or missing roofing granules.

Major Leaks: A small leak here and there represent a need for repair, not replacement. However, if your roof springs a major leak, one that calls for emergency service, you should likely consider the benefits of replacement. A roof that springs one major leak is primed for more, and failure to have a new roof installed will lead to more extensive and costly repairs.

Structural Issues: A roof that sags or has depressed areas needs replacement. In situations like this, problems have developed with the roof’s underlayment and decking. In all likelihood, water has managed to damage these interior elements, a consequence where replacement represents the only option.

Old Age: The most common reason for roof replacement is simple old age. Below, we will list common roofing materials, along with their average lifespan. If your roof has reached or surpassed this point, you need to schedule a time for replacement. Even if the roof appears fine visually, it will likely harbor hidden damage, wear, and weakened areas that make it susceptible to outright failure.

Roof Repair Versus Replacement

Roof Replacement Seems Necessary for This Heavily Damaged Roof

Widespread Damage to Shingles Can Create the Need for Replacement.

Whenever you find damage on your roof, you need to consider the relative benefits of repair versus replacement. Sometimes, repairs present an easy and affordable solution. In other cases, however, repairs can become too extensive, and even downright impossible. When the time comes to choose between these two services, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How Much Time Do I Have? If under time constraints, repair represents the most expedient option.
  • How Old Is My Roof? As outlined above, a roof that has reached or surpassed its average lifespan needs replacement.
  • How Large of an Area Do I Need to Repair? If damages have occurred across 30 percent or more of your roof, you should spring for replacement.
  • What Is My Budget? If you have budgetary constraints, targeted repairs are usually the more economical option.
  • How Much Do I Care About My Roof’s Appearance? A frequently or extensively repaired roof will have areas that appear markedly different, creating a patchwork effect.
  • Has Moisture Damaged the Decking? If the answer is yes, then you need an entirely new roof system.

Roof Replacement Options

If you’ve ever wondered which roof replacement is right for you and your home, consider the relative durability and cost of different materials. Costs are calculated for the size of a roofing square, which equates to 100 square feet.

  • Asphalt Shingles
    • 3-Tab Shingles: $90, 15 to 20 years
    • Architectural Shingles: $100, 24 to 30 years
  • Metal
    • Aluminum or Steel: $265 to $375, 50 years
    • Stone Coated Steel: $350 to $425, 40 to 70 years
    • Standing Seam: $400 to $600, 30 to 50 years
    • Zinc or Copper: Up to $900, 70 to 100 years
  • Clay Tiles: $800 to $1,000, 50 to 75 years
  • Wood Shake: $350 to $450, 30 to 50 years
  • Slate Tile: $1,100 to $2,000, 100 years or more
  • Grand Sequoia Shingles: One of our specialized selections, contact our team at 316-779-2574 to learn more about this remarkable material.

Common Questions About Roof Replacement

When Does My Roof Need Replacing?

Roof Replacement in Progress

Though an Extensive Job, a New  Roof Will Keep Your Home and Family Better Protected.

A roof typically needs replacement when it approaches or surpasses its estimated lifespan. This period can vary dramatically across different materials. For example, an asphalt shingle roof will last for around 20 years, whereas a slate tile roof can persist for 100 years or longer. Roofs also need replacement if they have suffered heavy damage from winds or hail. Additionally, asphalt shingle roofs need replacement if the roofing shingles have begun to lose a great number of granules.

What Are Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof?

You should, first of all, consider cost, and the budget you have available for a new roof. You should also consider longevity as an indicator of value. Materials with greater longevity will require replacement less often, while materials like metal or slate also need fewer repairs. You should also consider your climate, and whether you live in an area prone to storms. If so, you’ll ideally choose a material with high durability. Lastly, consider the roof’s appearance. A roof serves as a major structural component, and can dominate a home’s visual impression. Because of this, you will want to make sure you choose something you find attractive.

Can You Replace Part of a Roof?

So long as your underlayment or decking has escaped damage, you can typically replace part of a roof in lieu of an entirely new system. However, you should keep in mind the cost of these repairs versus replacement, along with the appearance of a patched roof.

Will Insurance Cover Roof Replacement?

In certain cases, yes. Most insurance policies will cover damages inflicted through wind, fire, hail, or fallen trees. To know precisely what your insurance takes care of, call your provider.

At Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC, we stand as the leading source for roof replacement in Wichita, KS. To learn more, ask any questions, or schedule a consultation, give us a call today at 316-779-2574.

Cleaning Up After a Storm


Tree Fallen On Roof

Look Out For Large Trees Around You During a Large Storm.

Storms can rock an entire area if they are bad enough. You will see the damages on many things, but you may see them on your roof. If a storm does end up doing some damage to your roof, the best thing you can do is call a roofing company and then call your insurance. Your best bet is to ask the roofing company what they think you should do and they should then guide you through the beginning stages of the process. They have likely been through this many times before so they will know what to do. Storms can damage more than we realize so if your plumbing is acting funny after a big storm, call someone for commercial backflow testing to be sure. There are a lot of different problems that can arise of a storm and it might leave your roof filthy dirty. Commercial roof washing can clean your roof right up and a coating can be put on if yours was damaged.

What Kind Of Damage Can a Storm Cause?

Fallen Trees – Fallen trees can land right on your roof or branches from the tree can come off and end up on your roof.

Water Damage – If your roof isn’t prepared for the amount of rain that is coming, you could have water damage, especially on a flat roof.

Metal Damage – strong winds can lift metal roofs right up and pull them away.

Flat Roof Problems – Flat roofs tend to take a lot because there is nowhere for water top run off from without a slope.

If you have storm damage in Wichita, KS, call us at 316-779-2574 and we can help get your roof back in shape.

What To Do Before You Begin a Remodel?


Create The Home You Have Been Wanting.

A remodel on your home or commercial building is always a big undertaking whether you have done it before or not, you should expect that it will always be more work than you anticipate. With so many unknowns that come along with remodeling, it is important that you invest in a professional to help with the things that you may not have the most experience. Below, we will mention a few simple ways that you can keep yourself protected by being prepared for the unknown that a remodel can bring.

What To Check Before a remodel begins

Roof – The best thing you can do before you set forth into the madness that is a remodel, is to get a roof inspection done. There is nothing worse than not having a structurally sound roof and one that will be able to withstand the major changes that will be unfolding below it.

Plumbing – When doing your demo, the plumbing will likely be involved somehow so you should make sure to have that looked over beforehand Before You start demoing your building, you should consider a commercial water leak detection to make sure there are no underline problems before you begin.

Codes – Making sure everything is up to date and you have permits for what is happening is crucial.

Structure – If your building is not structurally sound you can end up causing serious damage.

If you need to do a remodel and need help in Wichita, KS, give us a call at 316-779-2574 and let Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC, be there for you.

Why Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

A roof inspection is important for the life and wellbeing of your roofing system. Every year that passes without a roof inspection can potentially cause more and more damage. Oftentimes damage will happen on your roof and you will have no idea because you can’t see it. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Shingles can fall off or blow away in heavy wind, leaving you with open areas that will become damaged over time through rain and sun. This is also an open invitation for water damage to come right in as well and cause major damage to your roof and your home.

How Often Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?


Make Sure You Get Your Inspection Done.

A roof inspection is recommended to be done once a year. The reason for this is because roofs take a pretty large beating throughout the year. If you live in a climate that is very hot in the summer and freezing in the winter, your roof is seeing a lot of damaging sunlight, potentially heavy snow, and a lot of rain. This can be wearing to the materials on your roof and if it is in need of a repair, problems can occur that will be far more expensive down the road. A roof inspection is a great investment and will keep you from having to make large, expensive repairs in the future.

What a Roof Leak Can Do To Your Home

A roof leak can happen at any time. If you don’t know there is damage happening on your roof, you could have a roof leak and not even know it. The major problem with a roof leak is that it doesn’t only damage your roof. If it goes on long enough, it can seep into your home and go into your walls and through your attic. This can damage major appliances like water heaters and air conditioners that may be installed up in your attic. If this happens, you will not only have to have a roofer come out, but a plumber as well.

Local Roofing Experts

You are better off having an inspection done once a year to avoid all of this mess and keep your roof safe for as long as possible. We have quality roofing inspectors here at Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC that will be happy to get this handled for you. Call us at 316-779-2574 for your next roofing inspection in Wichita, KS.

Old Commercial Roofing: Planning Your Investment

Old Commercial Roofing

Use This Guide to Help You Decide Between Roof Repairs, Replacement, and Restoration.

Is your old commercial roofing starting to show its age? If you feel uncertain about what your next investment step should be, don’t worry! Follow this brief little guide, and you can easily find out for yourself whether you should repair, replace, or restore your roofing system. 

Roofing Tip #1: Estimate Remaining Lifetime

This should be pretty easy to find. Take a look at your financial records and find out how many years your roofing asset is rated for, or schedule a consultation with a professional roofer. If your flat roof system still has five or more years of estimated life left, repairs or restoration will typically be the most cost-effective options for your company.

Roofing Tip #2: Determine if Repairs Will Be Effective

Barring a catastrophic roof failure, an experienced roofing company can repair almost any damage. What you want to discern is whether repairs will provide lasting protection, or if your building will require even more repairs within a few years. If your roof is constantly in need of repairs, replacement might be your best option. 

Roofing Tip #3: Run a Cost / Payoff Analysis

For systems with minor cracking, roof restoration is often the most reasonable choice, as it repairs scarring and extends the life of a roofing system (by up to ten years). If the damage is too severe for restoration however, consider how much you could save by delaying replacement vs the total amount you may have to spend on continued repairs.

If you’d like more information about maintaining your old commercial roofing, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation, feel free to talk with one of our specialists from 316-779-2574!

3 Shingle Upgrades for Home Renovation

Laminate Shingles

There are Many Ways to Upgrade Your Shingles for Improved Protection and Enhanced Style!

Many homeowners love shingles for their affordability and simple maintenance. However, many don’t realize how many ways there are to enhance your roof without dropping the shingle style. Here are three fantastic shingle upgrades to help you develop and protect your home!

Upgrade #1: Architectural (Laminate) Shingles

Some of the most complicated roofing designs utilize architectural shingles. These shingles are applied using a special laminate and layering process, enabling them to cling to steeper surfaces for durable protection. Architectural shingles come in all sorts of styles and colors, so you can go to town searching for that dazzling new material for your home!

Upgrade #2: Impact Resistant Shingles

Raise your hands if you hate hail damage! One of the traditional downsides of shingles is their inability to protect against forceful hail strikes. That’s where impact resistant shingles come in. These roofing materials incorporate a flexible but robust design that allows them to absorb impact trauma without breaking. That means fewer calls to your local roofer for replacement shingles and fewer instances of roof leaks. What if you never had to worry about hail again?

Upgrade #3: Grand Sequoia Shingles

Wood roofing is beautiful, but it has two humongous downsides: cleaning requirements and fire danger. Grand sequoia shingles solve these problems, so you can get the appearance of wood in a wonderful shingle style. These shingles have a Class A fire rating and can be augmented with a special coating that prevents algae and mildew growth. In summary: grand sequoia shingles let you have a wood aesthetic without the typical hassle.

Are you thinking about shingle upgrades for your home? Our experts would love to talk with you about your options for roofing materials in Wichita, KS. Why don’t you give our team a call at 316-779-2574?

Add an Annual Roof Inspection to Your Calendar

Shiny Black Shingles

An Annual Roof Inspection Helps Keep Your Shingles in Good Condition.

Your roof protects the rest of your home from water damage, pest invasion, ultraviolet light, and so much more. Many homeowners forget that their roof requires consistent care and maintenance, until they’re suddenly reminded after a disastrous water leak. No one likes surprise emergency repairs, so you should protect your rooftop investment with an annual roof inspection. Here are three reasons to schedule an appointment with your inspector each year.

Planning Your Next Replacement

Okay. Maybe you’re not quite ready to install a brand new premium rooftop, but an annual inspection is the perfect way to start planning your next home improvement project. Your inspector is familiar with the latest roofing trends, such as energy-saving technology. Ask them about impact resistant shingles, or whatever new roofing materials you’re interested in. Your inspector will be excited to answer your questions, and you can start creating a budget years before you need a replacement roof.

Spotting Repairs Before They Escalate

Unless you have eagle eyes (and maybe x-ray vision), you won’t be able to spot all the damage that accumulates in your rooftop over time. Little things like cracked shingles and worn sealant can expose your home to expensive water damages and nasty pests if they aren’t spotted in time. Your inspector however, is trained to check for the minuscule signs of damage, so you can schedule repairs before things get out of hand.

Following Your Warranty

Sometimes the warranty on your rooftop requires an annual inspection. Take another look at your warranty and see if you’ve been following the fine print. Better to learn about these requirements now than after a traumatic thunderstorm.

Annual roof inspections aren’t a ploy to grab extra business. They’re a tool to help you avoid unexpected and expensive repairs down the line. You can talk to one of our roofing experts about the inspection process at 316-779-2574.

Choosing a Metal Roof For Your Home Or Business

Is it time to replace your aging roof? When choosing a new roofing material, you have specific needs and concerns you expect your new roof to deal with. More and more home and business owners are considering a metal roof when it comes time to replace their current system. With a fantastic look, style, and finish, metal roofing can add to your building’s appearance and provide many advantages in protection. Below, we have compiled some of the top benefits a metal roof can give you.

The Benefits of Metal Roofing


With a 50 year lifespan, a metal roof is made with durability in mind to ensure your system will last. It resists hail and debris, preventing them from damaging your property. The installation process of metal roofing ensures it prevents leaks and water damage, which can cause mold and mildew. This system even has wind and fire resistance, ensuring your property stays safe.

Energy Efficient

A metal roof can offer energy efficiency and eco-friendliness to your home and business. First, some metal roofing is made from recycled materials, such as aluminum. If you choose to replace these roofs, they can be recycled again, reducing waste from a roof replacement. A metal roof also bounces solar and UV rays away from your property, allowing your building to heat and cool more efficiently.

Low Maintenance

Metal Roofing Benefits

When You Are Ready for Metal Roofing, Contact Us for Expert Installation and Repair.

Finally, a metal roof does not require much in the way of maintenance and can continue to provide great protection and appearance for many years. An annual inspection may benefit your roof, but its durability means it can handle any bad weather and still defend your home or business. The addition of a roof coating can increase its defense and prevent corrosion, leading to even longer breaks between inspections.

Metal roofing gives your property the quality defense it needs to fend off storms and stay protected. Want to see what metal roofing options are available for you in Wichita, KS? Contact the expert roofers at Dolphin Construction and Remodeling LLC today by dialing 316-779-2574.